The Journey Continues

It’s been a crazy time since splitting with my ex-husband… time has literally disappeared and life has taken so many twists and turns… so many highs and lows, but one thing is for sure it’s been one hell of a journey…

I’ve been officially divorced around a year now, ending a long relationship with my ex – over a decade with him, not all good times, and if I am honest, I think I just didn’t have the strength to leave him in my 20s but when I turned 30 something changed inside me, and things I used to accept became unacceptable… it’s like one day I woke up and realised my worth and what I actually deserved – instead of being third on a list for someone who I put first every time.

So I took the step to try to make it work, the usual way – holidays, counselling sessions (both joint and separately) and eventually moved out, spent time apart and saw each other on a weekly basis and then had to face the reality – I was genuinely happier alone…

It hasn’t been easy – and dating in your 30s when everything is so different from what you were used to before your previous relationship – things like photo messaging didn’t really exist then, to now receiving a ridiculous amount of dick pics – often without warning! It’s all been an adventure, and here I am to share with you this journey – a continuing journey of self development and discovery, one which I have finally begun to feel my true self and be free, and happy and just living in the now… not the future or the past, but being present in the moment…

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